List of Best Free and Paid Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research is the most important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without a keyword research tool you can’t rank your blog or website in search engine. When I start my blog don’t know how many days to find a perfect keyword for a single post so you can understand a great keyword how much effect your website. There are many things that I already post on my blog what is Page Rank, Keyword Researches for SEO I suggest you read it fast. Today I will share some keyword research that helps you to find perfect keyword for your website.

List of Best Free and Paid Keyword Research Tool:

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Planner is the great tool that helps you to find keyword. Take a look how the keyword planner works for you. Remember one thing that tool provide some basic information because this tool only for use advertising and pay per click campaigns. The best thing of keyword planner tool all information is get into world most popular search engine Google.

Note: Google keyword planner is a basic keyword research tool not too much benefit you can get.

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Keyword Spy

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Spy also a useful product that’s initially use for keyword research. This tool also provides your competitor used keyword to know more about your position. You also can star campaign, view competitor keyword and regional information.

Note: Keyword spy is paid version software.


keyword research tool

In my method of wisdom SEO, I used many free and paid tool that include Market Samurai, MOZ and many more. Every keyword reaches work in a different way and they have particular role to implement. SEMRUSH is research competitors Keyword and similarly catch the Keyword of every site, which is provide organic traffic to it. SEM is one of the best essential search engine marketing tools that I ensure trust in every Blogger.

Note: SEMRUSH is paid version software.

Market Samurai

Keyword Research

Market Samurai also a useful keyword tool.  Market Samurai provide competitor rank, Keyword suggestion, domain research, magnetization, content finding, content publishing, and promotions. All the information market samurai get into google keyword planner.

Note: Market Samurai is paid version software.

SEO Book

Keyword Research is a great website that everyone learning about SEO must go to this site and learn more about SEO. SEO book also a great keyword research identifies related keywords, long tail keywords, search density, and more. It is tricky software is a bit bulky.

Everyone remember one thing keyword tool all are different I am share some shot review. Please go every single website and check which keyword tool good for you.

Do share which one are your most wanted Keyword research from the directly above list and which one you are more probable to advise others.

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